BOTTOMING is the LGBTQ+ mental health podcast, about rock bottoming and beyond.

This is not a sex podcast, but if you came here for that, stay anyway.

Stemming from personal experiences, Bottoming was created as a way for Brendan and Matthew to navigate difficult conversations and topics in their own life, but with a dark and humorous twist - the only way they know how.

The aim of Bottoming is to show that although anyone can suffer from poor mental health, it can and does impact LGBTQ+ people on a larger scale. The conversation isn’t always pretty, but the boys want to show it can be done with a few laughs to help you get through, making the topics more accessible, approachable and easy to digest. 

Photography by Sam Taylor-Edwards.

MATTHEW lives in Hackney and works in the LGBT+ housing/charity sector as a communications manager. He’s a lover of houseplants, Robyn, and is a newly identified gay-mer.

BRENDAN is also Hackney-based, currently studying his MSc Psychology at the University of Greenwich. A man of many lives, he is an over-active listener with a love for baking and writing.