Mayday, Mayday! We've rapidly approached our 20th episode since coming back in December last year, so will be rounding off Season 2, and want to take this as the chance to recap on a turbulent year, reflect on how it feels to have been Bottoming for the last 8 months (!!) and look ahead to what's next. This one is strictly family, just Brendan and Matthew.

It's important to acknowledge when it's time to take a break, so we'll be taking a few weeks to rest, reset and get planning for Season 3 (don't worry - we'll be back before you know it).

Keep an ear out for us popping up in the meantime as we'll be showing up on Mental Podcast and Podcaster in the coming weeks, so make sure you're following us @bottomingpod on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date!

Thank YOU for listening and keeping us going this year. Don't forget, you're doing amazing sweetie. See you soon x